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Toombul District Cricket Club has a very strong Junior Cricket Division based around our hugely popular Friday Night Junior Blasters Program (5-7 years) and the U8 & U9 Master Blasters (7-9yrs) 6 a side Competition both based at Oxenham Park, Nundah, and enter Toombul teams in the BNJCA Saturday Junior Competition U10 to Opens (9-18yrs).

Enquires can be emailed to toombuldccjuniors@gmail.com

Be sure to follow us on Toombul Juniors Team App and Facebook page @ToombulJuniorCricket

Junior Blasters 5-7 yrs

Junior Blasters is for boys and girls 5-7 years new to cricket with participants building their skills through fun, game based activities. The games are designed for small groups to ensure every child gets a go, allowing them to test and learn new skills. The session is run by Toombul coaches with parent participation very welcome.

Master Blasters 7-9yrs

MASTER BLASTERS is super fun, social, safe cricket for boys and girls aged 7 to 9. The program is much shorter than a traditional cricket game, 12 over innings, 6 a side game over 75 minutes on a smaller field. Register to play with a friend, organise a team (6-8 players) or just join yourself to be placed in a team. TDCC runs an U8 (5.15-6.30pm) and U9 (6.30-7.45pm) Competition.

Saturday Juniors Competition U10 - Opens (9-18yrs)

TDCC offers Junior club cricket for girls and boys from 9-18 years. Toombul Junior teams compete in the Saturday Brisbane North Junior Cricket Association (BNJCA) Competition. All games are played on the northside of Brisbane against other clubs in the region. BNJCA run a separate pre Xmas and post Xmas competition - U10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, Opens (16-18yrs) AND Girls Only U11, 13, 16.

Registration is CLOSED for the pre Xmas 2021-22 Season

Registration for the post Xmas season will open in December.

Junior and Master Blasters do not need to reregister for the post Xmas season – you have paid for the full season.

Saturday Junior Competition players register as a returning player, pay $60.

New Saturday Junior Competition players register as a new player, pay full amount $280.

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Enquires can be emailed to toombuldccjuniors@gmail.com 

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2021-22 Cricket Season Dates


  • Commence Friday 8th October – 3rd December 2021
  • New Registrations for half season post Xmas opens Nov/Dec 2021
  • Recommences 28th January – 18th March 2022


  • Commence Saturday 9th October – 4th December 2021
  • Registration for half season post Xmas opens Nov/Dec 2021
  • Recommences Saturday 29th January – 19th March 2022
2021-22 Season DOB Age Group Guide

Junior member usually play cricket in their correct age group. The table below shows the age eligibility guide for the 2021-22 season.

Age Group Date of Birth Range
Junior Blaster 1/9/2014 31/8/2016
Master Blaster U8 1/9/2013 31/8/2014
Master Blaster U9 1/9/2012 31/8/2013
Under 10 1/9/2011 31/8/2012
Under 11 1/9/2010 31/8/2011
Under 12 1/9/2009 31/8/2010
Under 13 1/9/2008 31/8/2009
Under 14 1/9/2007 31/8/2008
Under 15 1/9/2006 31/8/2007
Opens (Player must be in secondary school or approved TAFE) 1/9/2003 31/8/2006

Boys and Girls must turn 5 prior to 1st October 2021 to participate in the Junior Blasters Program.


ENQUIRIES Please direct any enquiries to toombuldccjuniors@gmail.com


Junior Blasters

  •  Recommended for children aged 5-7
  • Learn new skills including catching, throwing and teamwork
  • 60 minutes on a Friday night SKILLS BASED FORMAT.

Master Blasters

  • Recommended for children aged 7-9
  • For children with basic cricket skills who can bowl with a straight arm over 14 metres.
  • Everyone gets a chance to bat, bowl and field – 75 minutes MODIFIED GAME FORMAT, 6 a side teams playing 12 over innings.

Junior member usually play cricket in their correct age group. The table below shows the age eligibility guide for the 2020-21 season.

The minimum recommended age is 5 however each request will be considered on merit by the Toombul DCC Committee.

Fees have been structured taking into account the equipment and support provided. Should you feel your child is too advanced for the Junior Blasters program, consideration will be given to moving your child to the Master Blasters program having regard to their ability and team availability in the Master Blasters program. Additional fees will be required to be paid to cover cost of the Master Blasters program.

Every endeavour will be made to place players with their preferred teammates. However, this may not be able to be achieved. Should you wish to withdraw (before the season commences) because you have not been placed with your friends, a $20 administration fee will be deducted. No refund will be provided if you withdraw after season commencement.

All age group formats can be found on bnjca.qld.cricket.com.au website. Search under Operations ‘Quick Reference – Rules’ and ‘Match Day Operations – Playing Rules’. These details include the addition of the Stage 2 format for U12s.

Junior Blaster and Master Blasters programs are always Friday evening at Toombul DCC. As Toombul DCC Juniors is part of Brisbane North Junior Cricket Association, all games are played against clubs within this region only on Saturdays.

TDCC fields and nets are allocated to U10-Opens Juniors for training on Wednesday afternoons/evening during the cricket season. Training times and nets allocations are finalised at the start of the season, posted on Team App and notified to coaches and managers. No training for Junior Blasters or Master Blasters.

Saturday Juniors – Coach/Manager Contact Details

 All clubs playing in the BNJCA competition, including Toombul Junior Cricket Club have their team coach and manager contact details on the bnjca website:



Operations – Match Day Operations – Club Contacts page

Scroll down to the Toombul DCC emblem (shown below) and under it click “team lists”. All TDCC Juniors teams and their coach/manager contact details are listed, best viewed on a PC rather than phone.

If viewing from your phone you will need to hold phone horizontally to view webpage in full format and be able to see all club details.

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