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Saturday Junior Competition 9-18yrs


Toombul teams compete in the Brisbane North Junior Cricket Association (BNJCA) Competition. All games are played on the northside of Brisbane against other clubs in the region. BNJCA operate two half seasons – a pre Xmas and post Xmas competition.

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U10, 11, 12, 13, 15, Opens (16-18yrs) – Saturday morning (pre and post Xmas)

Girls only U11, U13, U16 – Saturday mornings (pre and post Xmas)

U14s – Saturday afternoon (pre Xmas), Saturday mornings (post Xmas)


The table below shows the age eligibility guide for the 2021-22 season:

Age Group Date of Birth Range
  From To
Under 10 1/9/2011 31/8/2012
Under 11 1/9/2010 31/8/2011
Under 12 1/9/2009 31/8/2010
Under 13 1/9/2008 31/8/2009
Under 14 1/9/2007 31/8/2008
Under 15 1/9/2006 31/8/2007
Open (Player must be in secondary school or approved TAFE) 1/9/2003 31/8/2006



Game format varies from U10 to the Opens age group.


Matches for the Under 10 and Under 11 boys and girls age groups will be played as single day games over 40 overs, divided into two innings of 20 overs each. 7 a side teams (5 minimum, 9 maximum) play on a 16m pitch with a modified plastic ball (120-140g) where the focus is on player development and participation. Players must be able to bowl on the pitch without throwing. ‘Out is out’ rule does not apply.


From U12s and up, ‘Out is out’ rule applies. Following changes made by Cricket Australia to the Junior Cricket Pathway, the Brisbane North Junior Cricket Association (BNJCA) has two formats for the U12s again this coming season.

U12 Pathway format – Games under this format are played as two day games over 4 quarters of 25 overs each but also include some one day games of 26 over each.

U12 Stage 2 format – Games under this format are played as single day one innings games only with teams batting a maximum of 30 overs each.

These special rules recognise that the Under 12 age groups is developmental, based on non-competitive matches designed to foster maximum participation by all players.

 For further information on Junior Cricket Pathway and the Junior Cricket Stage 2 format visit:www.community.cricket.com.au

U12 players will be asked to choose their format preference from a mandatory drop down box during the registration process.  All other age group players section select N/A. If there are insufficient numbers to form a team in either format we will consult with the team’s parents, coaches and managers to inform a decision to amalgamate players and form a team of either type or merge players with another club to form a particular format team.

U13, U14, U15 and Opens (16-18yrs)

The Under 13 to Open age groups play either one day (26 over innings) or two day (55 over innings) games.


To view all age group formats (including ‘Girls Only’ formats) in more detail please visit the BNJCA website:


Search under Operations, select:

  • ‘Quick Reference – Rules’ – very useful – To view click here
  • ‘Match Day Operations – Playing Rules’.

If you have any further questions or queries please direct any enquiries to toombuldccjuniors@gmail.com

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